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[EDIT 05-18-12]

Hello there everyone! Just to let you all know, join requests are now CLOSED The mods and I will now be judging all the applications and we'll be accepting people soon! Just to let you all know though, we'll be having a mini opening for villains and to fill out all the other slots for the other paths just in case it's needed. u v u

To let you all know, the criteria for judging will be:

Quality of Art
Quality of Biography//Literary ability

Good luck to everyone!

Yours Truly,
Prince Sirius

[EDIT 05-11-12]

Hello my fellow Oooians! The closing date is only a few days away and the mods and I have already began to go through the applications that were sent to us. I sincerely apologize to all of you for the long wait, and delay! But don't fret though, if ever needed, you may still make necessary edits. Make sure to please read all our blogs and most especially the character creation guide because there will be specific information needed for each path.

Next, the mods and I are getting tired, bordering irritated actually, of receiving join requests that simply have "may I join" or "join please?" on them. We have reminded everyone time and again to PLEASE put the following on your join request.

Link to your application form
Name of character
Which path you've chosen
(adventurer, royal, vampire, or villain)

I believe that I have mentioned it at least 3 times on this journal alone... but what's done is done. I hope that the mods and I would not have to deal with any of these in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day!
Prince Sirius

[EDIT 05-03-12]

Oh poo! Prince Siri's internet has been such a pain in the arse and he's hadn't had the time to update on things! Well kiddos, we are now OPEN for your applications! Feel free to send them in! You'll be able to do some editing since join requests are open for about 2 weeks or so. Please don't forget to put on your join requests the following:

Link to your application form
Name of character
Which path you've chosen
(adventurer, royal, vampire, or villain)

those clearly not following instructions will be automatically declined.... but you can try again with the correct information, this time

Good luck my fellow Oooians and I hope to see you guys soon~

love lots,
Prince Sirius

[EDIT 04-27-12]

Hello guys! We've been receiving some questions that have already been answered in the F.A.Qs and I guess I'd just like to remind you guys to please read everything thoroughly, especially the F.A.Qs, before asking us a question. It's possible that you may have just overlooked or missed the question. If your question hasn't been answered, then feel free to ask us about it!

Next, just to clear things out, those who would like to have their application forms checked, please post them on the group's main page, comments section please~

Lastly, princessmikan and I have already finished our application forms, so please use these as reference just in case!

.:LoO - Prince Sirius:. by ibitecandy .:LoO = Ian the Human:. by ibitecandy LoO :: Princess Bunny by princessmikan

that is all for now, and we hope to see your characters soon! <3

Hello everybody and I'd just like to say that the amount of people interested in this group makes me so happy and honestly just makes my day!

So anyway! I'd just like to inform all you that we will be opening very soon! So get those pens and tablets ready, read up on all the important journals (the importance of which I cannot STRESS enough!!), and if you wouldn't mind Please vote on this poll so we could have an estimate as to how many want to join as a particular character.

For now, since we're just getting a really rough estimate, the limit on each character will be as follows:

:bulletblue: Adventurers = 20

:bulletpurple: Royals = 20

:bulletred: * Vampires = 10

:bulletblack: Villains =20

The caps here do not include the mods, just so you guys know!

*The explanation as to why there is a smaller number for the vampires may be found in the Character Creation Guide

The tentative date for our opening is on the 3rd of May, 12:00 am, GMT +8 and join requests will be open until the 17th of May, 11:59, GMT +8 so you guys have 2 weeks to send those applications in!

App checks will be available starting today until the day before the opening. Requests for application checks on the opening day itself, will no longer be honoured. (I hope you guys understand that by this time, the mods and I will be concentrating on reviewing apps and making the over all final arrangements)

Despite us being a carefree, and fun loving group, we must inform you that we will still have standards. You're application forms will be judged upon your prowess both artistically and grammatically. because I am a grammar Nazi that way :iconmingplz:

Don't let this dishearten you though! We will try to be as lenient as possible! If you're afraid of not being able to reach a certain standard, don't be afraid to give it a shot! We will thoroughly be reviewing all apps, so you can guarantee that yours will be considered as well!

For join requests on the day itself, please make sure to put the following on the comments section of your join request

Link to your application form
Name of character
Which path you've chosen
(adventurer, royal, vampire, or villain)

for now, these are all the reminders I have for you guys, and I wish you all good luck!

Don't forget to vote for the character tally over here and don't forget to read all the important journals, which starts here

LoO's Journal

Always take a look at LoO's journal for updates and all~

NEW! Important F.A.Q:

Q: If we're kicked out of/banned from the group, or if we left the group, could we still rejoin?

A: If you're banned from the group then you cannot join (or in the case of kicked out members, re-join) the group.

If you left the group (without getting kicked out or getting a complaint from the mods), then you only get to rejoin LoO THREE times.

For example, you join LoO with character A, then you'd want to change your character A to character B. Then you may leave the group and wait for the next opening to rejoin with character B. You may only do this 3 times. The third time you cannot leave and rejoin LoO anymore.

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